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Featured Project: The Christmas Present - Robbie Williams

Over the past month we have been hugely excited to be manufacturing the brand new (and amazing) christmas album by Robbie Williams



As we all know, there is something unique and beautiful in analogue formats, an appreciation of which is being rediscovered by younger generations again today.

Following in the footsteps of vinyl, audio cassette has been growing exponentially as a format over the last 18 months.

We will be talking more about the format in our up-coming Cassette Blog Mini-Series and the importance of market leaders such as Robbie Williams in the revival of this retro format.

Now, back to the album!

We manufactured the new release by Robbie during the last few weeks, spooling the recorded tape onto festive red cassettes, finished with gold foil cassette labels.

The cassettes were packed into a classic norelco case with a full colour J-card before being cello-wrapped on our high-speed wrapping machines.

On Side A (Christmas Past) Robbie breathes new life into a range of yule tide classics, whilst on Side B (Christmas Future) eleven brand new Christmas tracks will freshen up your Christmas playlist!

So - Check our the album (available through the link below) and don't forget to watch out for our cassette blogs beginning in the new year!

Find Out More about our facilities here:

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