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Sounds Like The Future

Since the birth of the global Music (and creative) industry, the UK has been its beating heart.

Writers. Composers. Artists. Musicians. Listeners. Critics.

And one more: Manufacturers.

Be it CD, DVD, Audio Cassette or Vinyl – physical media has, does, and will play a vital part in the Music Business. As with the rest of the music business, the manufacture and design of these products has long been grounded with UK manufacturers.

However, the onset of digital streaming and downloads (offering both opportunity and strife for all in the creative industries) alongside steep international competition has resulted in severe losses within the manufacturing sector.

Golding Replication, the ‘Creative’ division of Golding Products, is the ONLY UK MANUFACTURER still producing Audio CD, DVD VIDEO and AUDIO CASSETTE at our West Midlands Facility.

With our long history serving UK creative industries, passion for our products and open doors we promise to work hard to maintain our service, despite the rough waters of the industry today.

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