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Featured Artist - The Outlaw Orchestra

Hello All!

Featured Artist this week is a powerhouse four piece group, known for their...

"melting pot of styles from American Southern rock, British 70’s rock, Louisiana roots to twists of Cajun, Dixie and even elements of Flamenco all finished off with their signature style of 'Heavygrass' (hard bluegrass rock)”.

We manufactured their latest E.P. 'The Devil Made Me Do It' this month. The group selected a 5" Card Wallet with a full colour print to the wallet and CD.

5" Wallet and Disc combination is a firm favorite with bands and indie artists around the UK - perfect for touring, promotion and ideal for stand-out artwork!

Find Out More about The Outlaw Orchestra on:

Credit to: The Outlaw Orchestra, their sponsor Cloven Hoof and Jay Percy at Three7evens Photography for the image on the rear of the wallet.

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