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Featured Project - Who'd Have Thought it? Audio Book!

The featured project this week is a little different to the past few months - an Audiobook!

Who'd Have Thought it? is a Romantic Comedy exploring the turbulence of mid-life, written by Christine Webber.

This is Christine's second novel, 29 years after the first during which Christine has enjoyed a portfolio career - recognizable as the lead news presenter of 12 years for Anglia TV.

We produced the 8 Disc edition audiobook with a full lithographic print and packaged in a clear Unikeep. Each disc is held in a sleeve manufactured in house at our Telford HQ.

Finally, the Audiobook was shrink-wrapped and packed for distribution.

As with the music scene, physical media remains the storage method of choice for audio books, despite the rise of streaming and downloads!

Whether you require an Audiobook, Audio CD, Cassette or DVD you can contact us via email: or phone: 01952 607 505

You can find out more about Christine and her work here:

And you can purchase a copy of the audiobook here:

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