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Featured Artist - Savannah

Over the past few weeks we have worked closely with the local up-coming band Savannah to produce their first Audio CD.

Born and bred in Dawley, the Shropshire group have undertaken 1'000 live performances around the UK, full of the true 'rock and roll' spirit rarely seen in the musical industry today!

Prior to production their dedicated account manager Carl met with the group to discuss their needs and to explain the production process.

The first professional release for an artist always gets us excited at Goldings, a physical release is an opportunity for a different kind of artistic expression and a first release always comes with some unusual ideas and a fresh feel!

It was decided that the best fit for Savannah's EP was a 4-panel full colour digipak, there is no better CD Packaging for a truly personalized finish.

We also produced branded merchandise for release alongside the EP in the form of a branded tobacco tin, very in-keeping with the groups classic rock aesthetic and sure to be a favorite with their UK fan group!

Savanah are a group of big personalities and we are certain they will go from strength to strength and do Telford proud.

To find out about Savannah's next performance or purchase the new EP head over

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