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The Biggest duplicator of Audio Cassette in the UK.


With the retro media resurgence in full swing, the audio cassette is in demand once more!

Providing a character  missing from more recent formats, lower compression creates a higher quality, textured audio.

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Choose from a wide array of cassette shells:

  • colours

  • transparent

  • metallic

  • glitter effect

  • dual colours

We can apply full colour labels, on body-uv printing or a traditional pad print!

Go for a traditional look or bring your cassette into the 21st century! 

Full colour 4/4 print available with or without lamination!

Stand 3-panel J cards or add extra panels to suit you!

Go for a traditional norelco case, a double album or fo an eco-look choose a card O-card!

Cello-wrap with tear strips or shrinkwrap available.

The Duplication Process

1. Audio Checks

Our trained audio engineer checks the audio for suitability for cassette duplication. Advice & samples are provided where needed.


2. Digital Loop Bin & Duplication

The Audio is transferred to a digital loop bin, which works with slave units to duplicate the audio from reel to reel at high speed. 

3. Spooling

The spools of duplicated tape are fed into the cassette shells and spliced, using high frequency tones to set the correct tape length.

4. Quality Checks take place throughout production to ensure the highest audio quality.



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We have over 20 years experience in the media industry and work hard to give you the benefits of our industry knowledge.

Check out the resources section of our site for everything you need know!

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