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The Full Story

We are proud to announce that Dischromatics has now merged with Golding Replication, a part of the Golding Products LTD family.

Dischromatics opened its doors for business in Cardiff,  1989 and since then has gathered a great deal of experience in many areas, alongside a host of clients, large and small from a multitude of sectors.

Through investment in staff and equipment, the Dischromatics brand became synonymous with high-quality product and a top-class service.

In 2016, after 27 years of service, Founder and Director Stuart Spencer retired and dischromatics entered a new chapter as a division of Golding Products LTD. This evolution has given Dischromatics the ability to offer more services than ever before, including UK CD Replication.

Since 2016, the Dischromatics team has maintained the same dedication to quality and service for which the company has always been known.

Today, Dischromatics has fully merged with Golding Replication. The business has pro-actively adapted to changing consumer behavior to offer products such as Audio Cassette; and to become Brexit-secure through further investment in UK manufacturing.

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