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We Are Golding Replication.

We Make Cassettes.

We Make CD's.

And we love every second.

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Image by Aleks Marinkovic

We are the UK manufacturer of CD & Audio Cassettes, specialising in working directly with UK

artists and labels.

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What We Are About


We follow strict quality standards at every stage of production. Quality procedures are reviewed and updated on an on-going basis.


A vital element of physical media is opportunity for artistic expression. So, we believe in supporting artistic creativity wherever possible.


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The UK has a rich heritage of musical excellence & innovation. Physical manufacturing has always played a central part in that. We are always looking for opportunities to connect with local and national music communities. 

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Come & Visit!

The Open Door Policy

We love it when our community drops in for a visit. Not only can we arrange factory tours, face - to - face meetings with your account managers. 

But we also encourage visits to see your release on production, social media shoots, joint marketing campaigns*. 

*Strict security measures are maintained throughout to protect sensitive releases and copyrighted materials.

We’d Love to Work With You

Get in touch to speak with a dedicated account manager.

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